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European UnionMembers of the European Parliament (MEPs) 2009-2014 

MEPs are elected on a regional basis which means that each MEP in a region represents each and every person living there. In June 2009 the people of the North West elected eight members to the European Parliament.

Your MEP’s for the North West region:

Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Atkins

Mrs Arlene McCarthy

Mr Paul Nuttall

Mr Chris Davies

Mr Sajjad Karim

Mr Brian Simpson

Ms Jacqueline Foster

Mr Nick Griffin

What do MEP’s do?

Your MEPs are your representatives in the European Union. Their job is to represent your interests and those of your city or region in Europe. They do this by listening to people with local and national concerns, to interest groups and businesses. Where necessary, they question and lobby the Commission and the Council of Ministers. Above all, MEPs pass laws that affect many aspects of our lives. Read more at the UK Office of the European Parliament website at:

European Parliament News can be found on the following websites:

European Parliament UK Office:

European Parliament main website:

European Commission main website:

Keep up to date with Parliament activities with ‘European Parliament web TV’

In September 2008 the European Parliament launched its own web TV channel. This not only webstreams plenary and selected committee activities, but also has sections aimed at school-age children, at the general public and at organisations with a particular interest in European Parliament activities. It can be viewed at