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business-consultation2Welcome to Regionplus, providers of a comprehensive consulting, information and network service for the whole North West region. We are pleased to offer a North West Region wide consulting service – on a one to one or group basis, that will help you access, understand and contact the complex range of support and information now available from Organisations and Companies right across the Region.

If you require help on finding the support now in place for SME's in the North West, please give us a call or e-mail our helpdesk.

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Our SME 'Toolbox' Clinic being launched on the 29th February 2012 will include new small business support services from the newly established Coaching for All Group. Experienced business advisers have come together to deliver business improvement solutions focusing on leadership development, finance and strategic planning.



         Norman Denton – Group Leader

A highly experienced, Business Development and Relationship Management professional, Norman has been delivering business improvement solutions with the owners of small and medium sized businesses for over 15 years focusing on leadership development, finance and strategic planning. His span of knowledge embraces all aspects of the business development spectrum – financial, operational, sales & marketing and business processes. A very strong financial background is underpinned by his depth of all-round business experience.                                                                   

Combined with his ability to objectively review a business, its leaders and market position ensures a high level of stakeholder satisfaction. Norman believes that supporting business owners to bring a strategic focus to their activities, whilst developing their overall leadership skills to build customer relationships is vital if organisations are to achieve their objectives in these challenging times.

Telephone:  Mobile: 07711 284646  e-mail: info@normandenton.co.uk

Website: www.normandenton.co.uk




                   Ian Dunkerley

Ian has over 20 years experience in Technology and Business in a development, support and advisory capacity. Ian has technical experience in database development, IT and Network support, back end web development and online database integration. He has advised senior management within SME’s on technical and eBusiness strategy at Chamber of Commerce and Business Link before becoming a Business Advisor for Digital and Creative companies supporting their aspirations for Business Growth.

Digital Pace formed in January 2011 to inspire Digital and Creative companies to increase profit through business mentoring and coaching and to advise SMEs how they can improve their use of digital technology to achieve growth.

Telephone: 0161 660 7796   Mobile: 07787114658 e-mail: ian.dunkerley@digitalpace.co.uk

Website: www.digitalpace.co.uk



                    Michael White

After 15 years working as a Business Advisor with Business Link I am now putting all the experience I have gained working across multiple business sectors to use in the private sector helping business grow.

"1001 Solutions for Business" offer:

  • Executive coaching and Mentoring
  • General Business Support and Advice
  • Interim Project Management
  • Advice on Sales and Marketing

My specialist areas of experience are Food and Drink, Tourism and Hospitality and Land Based Businesses.

Over the years I have assisted businesses both large and small to resolve the barriers to their growth and have worked at a strategic level with the Regional Development Agency to assist farmers threatened by the failure of Dairy Farmers of Britain and have helped identify areas in which farmers can diversify.  I have helped companies find investors or new markets to enable them to move to the next level and be legally compliant to win new contracts.

Through a strategic partnership with “Biz Vision” I am able to offer access to;

  • The Executive Boardroom” and the Biz Vision suite of Business Support
  • The Hub which contains access to “Spot Learning” Videos on all aspects of business support.
  • Biz Pulse a balanced scorecard based diagnostic

Areas covered North Manchester, East Lancashire, but we cover all areas of the Northwest if required.

Telephone: 01422 836444   Mobile: 07435789453 e-mail: m.white@1001solutionsforbusiness.co.uk

Website: www.1001solutionsforbusiness.co.uk


           Sara Pomfret

Sara offers a proven track record of 16 years in sales & marketing in international trade & exporting to over 95 countries worldwide. This is supported by a competent command of 5 European languages and a strong international awareness and strategic vision.

Recently she has spent 4 years as a Business Adviser working with small to medium sized businesses in the North West brokering business services and support and offering coaching and mentoring to improve productivity and performance. Her specialist areas are retail and wholesale but she also has knowledge of tourism & leisure, transport & logistics and manufacturing. Her expertise covers:-

General exporting – development of export strategies & sales & marketing plans from scratch for the novice exporter to enter new territories; review of existing export plans to increase international coverage & sales for the more experienced exporter

  • Support with general sales & marketing to penetrate new markets or expand existing ones
  • Basic business support for start up and established businesses
  • Business diagnostics and reviews covering key objectives, finance, sales, operations & processes
  • Formulation of growth plans and strategies & general business planning
  • Business coaching and support

Telephone: Mobile 07866 754807  e-mail: sara@sarapomfret.co.uk

Web-site: www.sarapomfret.co.uk


       Lynne Moffit

Lynne is an inspirational business adviser, coach and mentor who is passionate about supporting people and businesses to perform at their best.  With over 25 years’ experience, in particular in the business, financial and professional sectors, Lynne has a proven track record in pin-pointing critical areas for business improvement and providing solutions that lead to real increases in the bottom-line.  Lynne can provide advice and support on all aspects of business development including:

  • Business Strategy and planning      
  • Sales and Marketing
  • People management and training
  • Leadership Development
  • Quality Standards

Lynne believes that in these rapidly changing times, business leaders need to constantly make sure that they are ‘doing the right things’ as well as ‘doing things right’ in order for them to stay ahead of the game, and she has the knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications to help them do just that.

Lynne Moffitt – Inspiring Success for you and your people

Telephone: 0161 434 1331 Mobile: 07806 223 493 e-mail: l.moffitt@ntlworld.com