Regionplus – providers of a comprehensive information, events notice and key news service for the whole North West Region.

What services are provided by Regionplus?

*Links to Regional and Sub-Regional Organisations and Partnerships

*Profiles of leading North West Organisations

*Government news and information

*Latest North West business news, intiatives and strategy launches

*Information and links to North West events

*Access to a Regional reports

*Connections to specialist Consulting services

Our new services bring together a region wide network of information, for all your regional information services.

Benefits of inclusion on Regionplus

Regionplus is a regional website, and information and services initiative financed by the private sector and supported by public sector agencies, Local Authorities and North West regional organisations. Organisations are featured on the Regionplus website, and benefit in many ways:

*Your Organisation will be able to submit information which will be accessed by all Regional and Sub-Regional Organisations and Partnerships within the North West.

*By registering a unique Organisation profile page with us, all of your key information, news and upcoming events will be published on the Regionplus website.

*Regionplus offers a direct link to your Organisation’s website plus other specified key linkages.

*Your latest major events will be visible and promoted on the region wide event diary, with links to your profile page on Regionplus, or to your Organisation’s own website.

*Entry into the useful North West acronym finder for Regional Organisations.

*Ability to add your Organisation’s reports, publications and project documentation to the Regionplus website.

*A hosting service for your Organisation’s key marketing material within the new Regional Information Centre, based at The Heath Business and Technical Park, Runcorn, Cheshire.

*Participation in a new online regional showcase, bring together the key North West Organisations.

How do I get in touch?

To ensure that your Organisation is fully included  within this new information service, or to find out more, please contact the mobile service on 07850784835, or email ric@regionplus.co.uk.