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August 5th, 2013

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SME Club 3D Success 2a redSME Club, an online small and medium business community sponsored by RBS with 3,000 members in Greater Manchester, has launched the next e-book in its range of business guides.

The e-book, entitled “Writing for Websites: Six Proven Techniques” launched last week and has already been well received amongst SME Club community. This latest addition is the fifth e-book in the current series of Business Guides, which cover topics ranging from business planning to finance to marketing.

Alexandra Kington, Marketing Manager for pro∙manchester, the financial and professional services membership organisation which launched the SME Club, said:

“More and more small businesses are now taking their companies online, but don’t necessarily understand how to get the most out of their websites. This guides aims to help people who manage online communications achieve the most from the copy they write and ultimately convert website visitors into customers. ”

To download your free copy of “Writing for Websites: Six Proven Techniques” simply visit

Further Information:

About the SME Club:

The pro∙manchester SME Club has been established with a mission to see Manchester thrive as an economic region. We are passionate about helping businesses to grow and expand profitably and, as the largest advisory group in the North West, we are in a great position to make this happen.

We offer valuable and insightful free information from a network of leading business professionals to all sizes of companies. The SME Club provides ten tips from top business experts on a variety of topic areas twice-weekly, plus a copy of the pro∙manchester Connects weekly update.

These are available as regular emails directly to your in-box once you sign up to be a member.

New start up businesses and entrepreneurs require four essential components: a product champion, a sales performer, a financial analyst and an e-commerce expert and as the business continues to expand, entrepreneurs need to develop HR skills, build on their business strategy and acquire the Business Strategy Tool Box. It is rare if not impossible for one person to have all of these skills and abilities, this is also where the pro∙manchester SME club can help out.


About Business Doctors:

Business Doctors expertise lies in providing access to high quality advice, information and resources to support both business growth and sustainability. Contact Dave Blakey at for more information.

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