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July 15th, 2013

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Shirlaws business coaching arrives in the North West

More Money – More Time – Less Stress


Tony Lacey and Dan Davis are local businessmen with international experience and have both previously worked for some of the world’s largest corporations. In 2012 they made a decision to partner with Shirlaws and build a business in the North West that would change the lives of the people that they work with and be a positive influence for others.

This has now come to fruition and they are now offering owner managed entrepreneurial SME businesses right across the North West, help with three main themes:

More Money, More Time and Less Stress. Their belief is that to create and sustain business growth you need to maintain a balance between commercial issues (such as revenues, efficiencies and profits) and cultural issues (such as communication skills, team building and leadership).

The key is to address these issues in the right balance. This belief underpins Shirlaws approach to working with their clients.

Shirlaws has worked with 1000’s of clients around the world varying in size from SMEs to PLCs using world‐class IP that focuses on providing practical tools and frameworks, allowing business owners and management teams to develop their own strategies and more importantly learn new skills.

Shirlaws has a simple belief: every business owner can and should have a great business. One that delivers financial freedom and equally importantly time, fulfilment and choice.

But that’s not the experience of most business owners. So for over 20 years they have created a complete business system and methodology proven to grow private business.    It’s worked for thousands of businesses all over the world.

Most advisors focus just on the revenue and profit side of the business equation, which is a logical starting point – but risks keeping businesses small and business owners stuck on the hamster wheel. They take a completely different approach, by developing the strategies and the behaviours to grow the total business asset (as well as drive profit), their clients find themselves owning a truly valuable business that is easy to run and a joy to own.

Working with their clients, they are creators of really amazing businesses run by happy teams and proud entrepreneurs.

The interesting thing?   CEOs ask them to make them millionaires – but then thank Shirlaws advisors in the end for giving them their life back.’

The following is a short client video testimonial explaining how Shirlaws helped in their businesses.


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If you would like to learn more about how Shirlaws can help you and your business, please contact:

Tony Lacey:  07766 541 582    tlacey@shirlawscoaching.com

Dan Davis:     07789 078 250    ddavis@shirlawscoaching.com .


‘Coffee is served wherever suits you best – your office, our offices, Hotel du Vin…’

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