ENWORKS helps Cheshire Manufacturer to save £61k

October 24th, 2011

Middlewich-based manufacturer, Buchan Concrete Solutions, has achieved savings of £61,900 to date by improving its resource efficiency and waste management, thanks to on-site support from ENWORKS.

In 2009 site facilities manager, Carl Murphy, attended an ENWORKS waste management workshop and, afterwards, invited an ENWORKS adviser from Groundwork Cheshire to carry out a full resource efficiency review.

Scope was identified for making savings of £94,000 a year, by improving resource efficiency. £56,100 of that has already been achieved and those achieved annual savings have accrued to give cumulative savings of £61,900 to date.


Established in the 1930s, Buchan Concrete Solutions is a specialist designer, manufacturer and installer of a wide range of pre-cast concrete solutions and products for the construction and civil engineering industries, with an annual turnover of £30 million.

With a focus on efficiency, cost effectiveness, safety and sustainability, it specialises in pre-cast concrete crosswall construction, and the manufacture of multi-unit structures for hotels, schools, student accommodation, prisons, sports halls, apartments and industrial or commercial units. It also manufactures products for the tunnelling sector.

Managing utilities

Energy efficiency has been improved on site by tackling electricity, fuel oil and heating costs, thanks to the ENWORKS review. For example, reducing the factory heating thermostat by 1°C and switching off heating over the weekends has saved £32,900, 165 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), and 52,400 litres of fuel oil annually.

Another £4,100 and 20 tonnes of CO2e have been saved annually by implementing an energy monitoring programme. Utilities consumption is now closely monitored, equipment and lighting is routinely switched off when not in use, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have been set to encourage employees to improve efficiency.

Tackling waste

Waste management has also been addressed, using the waste hierarchy approach. The generation of waste has been minimised across the business, and different types of residual waste are now collected and segregated from one another, for re-use or recycling.

Thanks to ENWORKS support, 278 tonnes of waste have so far been diverted from landfill for re-use or recycling on-site, saving more than £1,600 a year. The scrap materials are used for road repairs, for example, or for small construction projects such as the creation of a wash storage area.

A further 820 tonnes of waste materials are sent for re-use or recycling off-site, saving £4,900 a year, and more than 90 tonnes of wood waste goes to a nearby Warrington power plant for use as a fuel source, saving £12,300 a year in waste costs.


In the last two years Buchan Concrete Solutions has adopted a methodical, step-by-step approach to improving its resource efficiency. It has gone on to implement a range of additional initiatives and to achieve the ISO 14001 environmental management standard.

Waste prevention, minimisation and re-use initiatives are now firmly embedded in the company culture, and extend across all parts of the business, from production to stores and procurement, maintenance, administration, carpentry, welding, transport and facilities.

Free support

Groundwork Cheshire is a member of the ENWORKS partnership, supporting businesses in Cheshire and Warrington to make more with less, by using energy, water and materials more efficiently and by managing residual waste effectively.

For more information about ENWORKS support, please visit  www.getsupport.enworks.com

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