Child Road Safety Campaign launches in Bury

October 27th, 2011
A new child road safety campaign has been launched in Bury, ahead of the clocks going back this weekend.
The government’s new THINK! road safety campaign will see adverts running on TV and in cinemas across Greater Manchester, spelling out the dangers of not taking care on the roads.
Staff from Bury Council’s road safety team were also at The Rock shopping centre on Wednesday 26 October to hand out hundreds of free reflective items and to speak to parents and children during half term.
Pictured here are Oliver Taylor, aged six and Isabella Taylor, aged eight, at the launch of the THINK! road safety campaign at The Rock in Bury yesterday.
The cinema campaign will remind children to make sure they can be seen when they’re
out after dark, while the TV adverts will highlight the importance of using the Green Cross Code by finding a safe place to cross the road.
Britain has some of the safest roads in the world but children are still more likely to die in a road collision than from any other accidental cause.
Figures from the Department for Transport show that more than half of all accidental deaths of children aged between 6 and 11 are as the result of road accidents.
Last year, there were four deaths and more than 1,200 injuries in that age group in the North West alone, with nearly 8,000 children either killed or injured on roads across the UK.
The Tales of the Road and THINK! education websites are also being used to advise children and parents on good road safety practice.
Road Safety Minister Mike Penning said:
“Britain’s roads are among the safest in the world and the number of children killed or seriously injured is 72 per cent lower today than twenty years ago.
“But figures for the North West show four children were still killed and 1,221 were injured last year. Every death on the roads is a tragedy and we are determined to reduce these numbers further.
“That is why – despite the need to cut the deficit – we are continuing to invest in child road safety campaigns to help children to understand the importance of crossing the road safely.
“The television and cinema advertising campaign will help to give children the skills and knowledge they need to stay safe as they grow more independent.”
Tony Isherwood, Executive Member for Environment and Economy at Bury Council, added:
“Too many children are still being injured or killed on ours roads. The THINK! Tales of the Road campaign provides parents and guardians with a few simple steps to help keep their children safe, particularly with the darker mornings and evenings at this time of year.
“Parents can make a huge difference by making sure their children know to find a safe place to cross the road and always stop, look and listen before crossing. Children should also be dressed in bright fluorescent clothing during the day, and reflective items at night, to help other road users to see them.”
Parents and children can find out more road safety tips at
Parents can follow these top road-safety tips when out and about with their children:

  • Show your child how to use the Green Cross Code to cross the road when you’re out and about. When you cross the road, don’t take risks, your children will copy you. Research shows that young children can’t judge how fast vehicles are going or how far away they are, so if they see you taking risks they will probably take risks too.
  • Let your child show you that they know how to cross the road safely – start practising on quiet roads first.
  • Point out dangerous places to cross on local roads. Point out safer places as well. Some places may be safer at some times of the day than at others.
  • Use pedestrian crossings even if it involves a small detour.
  • Talk about the importance of not using a mobile phone or texting while crossing the road.
  • Remind your child that they cannot hear traffic if listening to music through earphones or see it properly if wearing a large hood.
Being Bright’ and ‘Being Seen’ is important to remember. Your child should always wear bright or fluorescent colours, particularly on dull and dark days:

  • Special high-visibility tabards and other clothing can be bought from many retailers
  • Fluorescent armbands can also be worn over coats and other clothing
  • Bags are available in bright colours or with high-visibility strips
  • If walking near traffic at night reflective clothing is needed:
–   Reflective clothing reflects light from car and bike headlamps
–   Reflective armbands and clothing can be bought for children
Remember that fluorescent colours do not show up in the dark

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