North West Roadworks Update

March 28th, 2011


Road works information for Highways Agency roads

– 7 days beginning Monday 28th March 2011 


Cumbria and North Lancashire





M6, junction 36
The Southbound exit sliproad and lane one of the main carriageway will be closed overnight between 28 and 30 March while signing work takes place.


A590 High Newton to Staveley

24 hour traffic signals will be in place on the east and westbound carriageway of the A590 between Canny Hill and Staveley junction until 3 April while work to construct a new footway and cycleway takes place.
The layby situated on the Eastbound carriageway next to the Canny Hill junction will also be closed.

M55 Junction 3 (Wesham)

Part time traffic signals will be installed on the Wesham circle interchange on the M55 junction 3 from Monday (7).
The roundabout and a 500 yard section of the county council’s A585 will also be subject to lane closures and temporary speed restrictions while improvements are made to the road as part of the scheme, which is due to be completed in early April.

 Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire and South Lancashire


The clockwise access slip at junction 27 of the M60 at Stockport will be closed overnight until 31 March while work on the kerb and barrier take place.


Overnight work to help complete interchange boost

The Eastbound carriageway of the M62 will be totally closed between junction 11 (Birchwood) and 12 (the Eccles interchange) overnight between Monday (28 March) and Friday (1 April).

The diversion will see drivers exit at junction 11, follow the roundabout to rejoin the M62 junction 11 Westbound. Motorists will then follow the M62 to junction 10 and join the M6 Southbound, which they will follow to junction 20 before exiting for the M56 Eastbound. Drivers will follow the M56 Eastbound onto the A5103 Princess Parkway Northbound and exit for the M60 Clockwise. They will then follow the M60 Clockwise to junction 12 at the Eccles Interchange, where the diversion ends.

M62 Interchange

The M62 link at the Eccles Interchange with the M60 is benefiting from an extra lane to help boost safety and reduce queues.

A review of the programme has identified an opportunity to undertake more work overnight, which will help to speed up the project.

The eastbound carriageway – which takes traffic onto the M602 into Manchester as well as onto the M60 clockwise and anti-clockwise carriageways – will be closed for five nights from Monday (March 28) between 10pm and 5am each night. On each of the nights the eastbound carriageway will be closed between Junction 11 near Birchwood and Junction 12.

The scheme involves converting a section of the eastbound M62 hard shoulder into an extra running lane about two miles west of Junction 12.

The new lane will help extend the two dedicated lanes onto the slip road for the clockwise M60. It will also allow traffic wanting to join the anti-clockwise M60 to be filtered and separated much earlier – providing a dedicated lane ahead of the anti-clockwise entry slip road for the first time.

Drivers on the eastbound M62 heading straight on into Manchester via the M602 will also benefit from a reduction in the number of vehicles braking and changing lanes late to get onto the exit lanes to join the M60.

Neal Symmons, the Highways Agency’s Project Sponsor, said, “We want to finish this project as quickly as possible to deliver the benefits to drivers and with that in mind we have agreed these overnight closures. Drivers should be able to make use of the new lane from the middle of next month (April) although some minor finishing works will be required in the area until May.

“Obviously, we try to time closures to reduce any inconvenience to drivers but this is a particularly busy route throughout the day as well as during normal peak periods so some overnight inconvenience to drivers wanting to access the M60 and M62 across the Pennines is inevitable and we would like to thank drivers in advance for their patience.”

A clearly-signed diversion will be in place using the M6 and M56 – taking vehicles onto the M60 at Junction 5 at Northenden or into Manchester city centre via the A5103.


Lane 2 of the A5036 between Copy Lane and Crosby Road will be closed both North and Southbound overnight between 21 March and 1 April while road marking takes place.

There will be various overnight lane closures in both directions and hard shoulder closures during the day on the M56 at junction 7 (Bowdon) while work to improve the access form junction 7 to the A556 takes place. Work is expected to continue until the end of March.


Junction 1 Wallasey (bridge repairs) – various lane closures in both directions at Bidston Moss Viaduct for bridge repairs. Work continues until the end of March 2012.


Regent Road – Eccles
There will be off peak lane closures in both directions of the M602 at junction 3 while Salford City council undertakes work to construct a new gateway at the roundabout in Regent Road. Work is expected to continue until the end March.

M53 (Cheshire Oaks)
There will be off peak lane closures at junction ten while work to improve the entranceway into Cheshire Oaks takes place. Work is expected to continue until the Summer. In the event of queues, motorists trying to access Cheshire Oaks are advised to exit the M56 at junction 14 and use the A5117.

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