Northwest Regional Development Agency


nwda_colourThe Northwest Regional Development Agency has now ceased its opertions in the North West. It has left a large and lasting legacy on many major projects right across the North West Region

Our records are being kept open so that visitors to our site can find information on the past activities of the NWDA within our news and information archives.


The NWDA consistently met or exceeded all targets set by government, helping to boost economic development in the Northwest.  The NWDA achieved excellent results in 2008/09, exceeding all its output targets. In 2008/09, Agency led or supported projects and programmes created or safeguarded 26,600 jobs, created 5,840 new businesses and assisted 29,980 businesses, supported 1,103 businesses to engage in new collaborations with the region's knowledge base, assisted 27,275 adults with vocational training/education, reclaimed over 300 hectares of brownfield land.