Copeland Borough Council

copeland-logoThe Borough of Copeland is in the Western Lake District area of the county of Cumbria, the most north-western county in England. It is an area of wonderful physical beauty and diverse culture and character. The Borough covers an area of 284 square miles, two thirds of which is in the Lake District National Park.

Two thirds of the Borough lies within the world renowned Lake District National Park, map-of-copelandwith the highest mountain (Scafell Pike) and deepest lake (Wastwater) in England both to be found in the heart of the Copeland area.

Historically the area’s industrial and economic development has been based on access from the sea. Shipping and mining of coal and iron ore led to the development of the four main industrial towns of Whitehaven, Cleator Moor, Egremont and Millom.


whitehaven-n6577-11A growing tourist destination, Whitehaven is the start of the Coast to Coast (C2C) cycle route and has a number of connections with the USA. The town has a number of attractions including The Rum Story which offers an exciting experience exploring links with the Caribbean, the Slave Trade and the Royal Navy, The Beacon where you can enjoy the sights and sounds of Whitehaven’s past, present and future and Haig Colliery Mining Museum where you can gain insight into local mining history.

Cleator Moorclmoor-1

Cleator Moor is a small industrial town approximately 4 miles outside Whitehaven. The Market Square has recently been refurbished and offers good quality managed office workspace. Leconfield Industrial Estate has several SMEs on the site, a variety of units available for rent and is the subject of an improvement programme as part of an industrial estates review in West Cumbria.


egremont-1Egremont is a small market town which has a wide main street overlooked by the remains of a Norman Castle. Various projects have been undertaken by the Egremont Area Regeneration Partnership as part of the Market Town Initiative programme which aims to improve the management of the town centre, its services and environment.


Millom is a small coastal town situated on the fringe of the Lake District National Park in the southerly part of millom2-11Copeland about 33 miles from Whitehaven. With the help of the Market Town Initiative funding which a Northwest Development Agency initiative, projects are underway to bring disused buildings back into use in the town centre, such as the revamp of Millom Palladium. Other projects include the establishment of a Business Network Centre.

About Copeland Borough Council

 Copeland Borough Council was formed in 1974 and is one six district authorities in Cumbria. As a two-tier county, Cumbria County Council are responsible for a number of functions in Copeland, including education, social services and highways maintenance.

Copeland Council has 51 Councillors representing 25 wards. All Councillors are elected for a term of four years. The last Borough elections were in 2007, and the next will be in 2011. A number of other Council committees exist, and deal with specific areas of Council business. These committees include the Planning Panel, Licensing Committee, Taxi and General Licensing Panel, Strategic Housing Panel. Copeland Borough Council has a Mayor, who is the first citizen of the Borough of Copeland, and attends a number of functions on behalf of the borough.

Copeland Borough Council’s Mission Statement  – Leading the transformation of West Cumbria to a prosperous future.

Copeland’s Corporate Plan for 2007-12 sets out the Council’s priorities, describes the actions the Council will take to deliver improvements within Copeland, and sets out our key achievements over the past year, set against the previous Corporate Plan/Best Value Performance Plan. This is supplemented by a one-year plan that sets out what we aim to achieve in 2009-10.

The Council’s priorities are:

  • to provide high quality clean streets and open spaces
  • to ensure the area has good roads and good public transport
  • to create enough different jobs to suit all
  • to make Copeland a safer place to be
  • to give everyone good customer services

Contact Copeland Borough Council

Copeland Borough Council
The Copeland Centre
Catherine Street
Cumbria CA28 7SJ

Tel: 0845 054 8600
Fax: 01946 598303